Clothes make the monaco ??????????????

I think so.

How many times our grandparents, our parents (I speak of the 60s and 70s) we were forced to dress “for the occasion,” I remember my mother dressed me well to go to the doctor always saying “you know if you were to visit and then if you have to undress … .. “or when traveling (especially by plane) obligation was” shirt, jacket and tie, “and then everyone thought that” the dress did the Monaco “.

In subsequent years, however, with the student revolution, feminism etc. all this was increasingly less. it did not matter what you wore, was rather important thing was said, thus creating a bit of confusion as to what was said and how they were exposed primarily as certain concepts and / or speeches of various kinds.

This revolution, let’s call aesthetic, to create a bit of confusion even in companies (remember when bank employees have gone from a suit and tie to the pole ???).

Now my question is, considering the current time:

The style of dress of its employees was more “profit for the company before the” revolution “or after?

If you have someone interested in the topic will continue to discuss how companies should behave to increase their business.